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XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 May 5-7, 2020|Global Online Edition

Covid-19 Guidance

XR Immersive Enterprise goes DIGITAL
Integrate · Empower · Deliver · Scale

Sharing ideas has never been more important

The Covid-19 coronavirus has created one of the most challenging environments the modern world has ever experienced. Now, more than ever, the XR community must step up and bring solutions forward.

With every challenge, there is opportunity. Get this right, and we can begin to reset and thrive in the new normal. It has therefore never been more important for us to collaborate, share ideas and gain the necessary capability to tackle the immersive transformation in a super-connected world.

We have therefore decided not to cancel, but to reinvent XR Immersive Enterprise as a global online event. We are emboldened by our speakers who have agreed to stay by our side, guaranteeing shared value and ideas at such a critical time. Let our reimagined event continue to inspire you even as you are restricted at home.

Signed: Kathryn, Daniel

— The XR Intelligence by Reuters Events team

“Excellent conference. Short but impactful and very direct to the point. Highly geared towards enterprise use cases.”

Drew Holbrook
Immersive Realities – Technical Specialist,
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

What to expect from XR Immersive Enterprise: Global Online Edition


Virtual Attendees


Expert Speakers


Enterprise Case Studies


Industry Verticals


Days of Networking

Over 50 Confirmed Speakers We’re bringing you the XR Immersive Enterprise agenda to your fingertips. We’re working with all presenters and panellists to ensure that the digital experience will be as close to the real agenda as possible. With 50+ confirmed sessions already the online experience will be unparalleled in scope and expertise.

Full Audience Interactivity It’s the interactions that make events special. That’s why we’re ensuring that all presentations, fireside chats, panels and everything else you can think of will have full interactivity capability, including live Q&A and audience polls.

One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service Connect with all your fellow attendees and potential new partners through a dedicated virtual meetings platform.

The Digital Exhibition Search through over 20+ exhibitors from your own desk. Whether you work in clinical or commercial, you’ll be able to find the latest services and technology solutions across the entire product lifecycle.

Learn from 30+ online sessions and interact with 50+ speakers

Watch Live Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top industry thought-leaders all day, every day!

Discuss Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your 1000+ fellow attendees. Follow up with interesting ideas in the digital networking suite!

Question Get in-depth answers in real-time in our live Q&A sessions in each presentation and panel!

On-Demand Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service. Imagine Netflix but the best of immersive enterprise thought leadership.

These iconic brands have confirmed their attendance

Connect with the enterprises using VR and AR/MR to boost profitability and enhance performance. Use XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 as a learning and commercial opportunity to take back strong connections and strategies for the year ahead.

Logo of: AECOM
Logo of: ARUP
Logo of: Aggreko

Logo of: Biogen

Logo of: Collins Aerospace
Logo of: Commonwealth Financial Network

Logo of: Deutsche Telekom
Logo of: Forbes

Logo of: GE

Logo of: Gensler
Logo of: HSBC
Logo of: HTC Vive

Logo of: Holiday Inn Club Vacations
Logo of: Ipsos
Logo of: Jacobs

Logo of: Lockheed Martin

Logo of: Microsoft
Logo of: NBC News

Logo of: Nissan
Logo of: Novartis

Logo of: Raytheon

Logo of: Rolls Royce
Logo of: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Logo of: Thomson Reuters

Logo of: Toyota
Logo of: UPS
Logo of: Unity

Logo of: Volvo Group

Logo of: Wayfair
Logo of: WestRock

Essential themes:

Discover Tech Solutions

Find the right solution and its applicability to your unique problem. Discover how your company measures up against own industry, and others

Prove the Value, Unlock ROI

Uncover how XR champions, innovation departments, business heads and HR get budget sign off and the process you need to take

Get Buy In + Boost Adoption

Gain valuable techniques for alleviating social anxiety, improving collaboration, and approaching change management

Integrate and Scale XR

Learn about XR’s distinct security and sustainability measures, how pipelines should be built and what the future looks like

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50+ Enterprise, XR Tech, Innovation and Digital Thought-leaders Share Insights

The XR Immersive Enterprise agenda is filled with enterprise end-users who are working on integrating virtual and augmented/mixed reality technologies across their organizations. Get front-line insight on how they’re overcoming challenges and bringing enterprise-wide transformation using XR to drive real business benefits. Check out the early confirmed speakers here

Mona Hakky

Mona Hakky

Design Director

Szczepan Baran

Szczepan Baran

Head of Emerging Technologies

Stephen Paul

Stephen Paul

Visualization and Immersive Technology Director

Shelley Peterson
Lockheed Martin

Shelley Peterson

Principal Investigator for Augmented & Mixed Reality

Eric Acton

Eric Acton

Head of Innovation Ecosystems

Terry Schussler
Deutsche Telekom

Terry Schussler

Senior Director, Spatial Computing

Mark Grob

Mark Grob

Lead of Immersive Tech Center (Enterprise Innovations)

Vinay Narayan
HTC Vive

Vinay Narayan

Vice President Platform Strategy and Developer Community

Jeremy K. Balkin

Jeremy K. Balkin

Head of Innovation

Helen Campbell

Helen Campbell

Director Technical Software Group

Ratnadeep Paul
GE Research

Ratnadeep Paul

Technology Lead for VR/AR

Amanda Clarida
Volvo Trucks

Amanda Clarida

Manager, Learning Design and Development

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How XR Immersive Enterprise can benefit your business

  1. Get the competitive advantage: Companies using VR and AR/MR solutions to help guide their customers through products and services win more business than those who do not
  2. Simplify processes and upskill workers: Train your workforce and streamline workflows more effectively and in an easily understandable way
  3. Save time and money: Early adopters have seen a return on investment by minimizing the costs and time associated with travel, meetings, operations, design cycles, training and marketing
  4. XR promotes diversity: With more and more ways to collaborate across the business and over continents, you can bring teams and knowledge together in ways like never before
  5. It’s fun!... and not just for the IT team: With more and more plug and play solutions coming onto the market, employees and customers of all ages and levels will have a great experience using this technology to make work feel more like play
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Why Attend?

Assess the biggest impacts of XR:

Hear case studies from across industry verticals with deep dive sessions on how it’s revolutionizing training, collaboration, design & marketing

Overcome barriers to adoption:

Get front line insights on how to navigate the hurdles to incorporating XR technologies into workflows across the business

Identify the right use-cases:

Understand which technologies and platforms suit which purposes. And how to make sure you always pick the right applications for your business

Drive XR projects from POC to deployment:

Find out how to get applications into practical use once proven

Find the right partners:

Who’s going to help you really integrate the technology and address your pain points effectively to drive tangible business gains?


Learn which is right for which applications – and how to make sure you don’t waste time and money finding out

Approve the business case and demonstrate ROI:

Get dozens of examples of where immersive technologies are helping companies improve productivity, drive efficiencies and reduce errors

Get your projects to scale:

Overcome the challenges of scaling XR in your business. Find out what it takes to get projects from concept to pilot to full-scale deployment

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Join XR Immersive Enterprise and learn how to…

  • Build a professionally trained workforce for the future
  • Design excellent products for the business and consumers
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences that last

Roundtable Sessions

Each table is led by an enterprise moderator and joined by enterprises at different stages of the process. We recommend Room 1 for just getting started, Room 2 for early stage investment, Room 3 for moving past POC and Room 4 for companies looking toward the future.

Finding the right use case

Having trouble getting started? Compare and contrast the most compelling use cases and take away core examples that consistently deliver ROI

Proving the value and creating metrics

How do enterprises measure success? Join the discussion to explore the variety of ways success is measured and how you can create a strong case for adoption

Getting internal buy-in and support to scale

Proven the concept but stuck in purgatory? Get practical advice on who you need to convince and what they are looking for to justify scaling

Tackling security concerns

Understand how XR data and systems differ from regular ones and identify the precautions you need to take when building your XR pipeline

Choosing the right technology

Hear about different experiences, projects, and why certain technologies were used. Learn what differentiates VR/AR/MR to guide your decisions

Creating a low-cost pilot

A step-by-step break down of the process and costs involved with setting up a new project so that exploring XR becomes a no-brainer for management

Working with vendors to get the best result

Work together to find out how you should collaborate with vendor partners. Share candid feedback on timelines, expectations and challenges to secure prosperous partnerships

Making a long term plan for XR

Visualize what’s on the horizon. Explore the convergence of emerging technologies and start planning your roadmap to an immersive future

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Who is this event for?

  • CEOs, VPs and Directors
  • VR / AR / MR Pioneers
  • Enterprise Strategists, Technologists and Innovation Leaders
  • Operations, HR and Business Heads
  • Content Creators
  • Creative Directors, Designers and Developers
  • Immersive Hardware Suppliers
  • Software, Engine, and Technology Providers
  • Consultants and Analysts
  • Research Institutions
  • Investors / VCs
  • XR Tech & Content Start-Ups
  • Telecoms, Platforms and Web-Based XR Stakeholders

An agenda specifically designed for your industry and your role

Deep dive case studies, roundtables and discussions around the most important applications, business areas and industries for XR.

Relevant Industries for
XR Transformation:



Oil & Gas








Financial Services






Application Areas
& Business Units:




Health & Safety

Design & Product



Customer Service


Corporate Services

IT & Security


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Top speakers, attendees, agenda highlights, event information and exclusive networking opportunities. LogoOptimise your networking by pre-scheduling 1-2-1 meetings on Brella’s award-winning networking app

XR Immersive Enterprise attendees choose their skills, interests and what they're looking for, and get relevant matches based on their choices.

  • Matchmaking that fits your interests
  • Easy meeting booking with a simple to use app
  • Face-to-face meetings in the dedicated networking zone or at the bar

Make Connections of the Highest Quality

Meet CXOs, VPs and Directors from iconic brands

Nowhere else can you walk around the corner and start collaborating with relevant peers across the range of functions and industries - whether marketing, strategy, sales or IT; automotive, retail, finance or energy. This is THE XR event to find broad representation across industries and roles.

Find the solution to your challenges

With world-leading solution providers and XR start-ups, this is the perfect event to do your shopping and find the perfect partner. An intimate exhibition space perfectly complements the quality agenda. Spend breaks trying out hardware and software, helping you put your new ideas into practice.

Premium content for decision makers

XR Immersive Enterprise isn’t for evangelists. A roster of senior enterprise executives providing in-depth case studies means that the conference attracts those who are serious about adopting and commercializing XR. Top tier service aimed at the largest and most prestigious brands filters out the noise and focuses your audience.

1:1 B2B networking app

Our events attract a lot of people for a 2-day event, yet few enough to spend time making meaningful connections that will last. How do you find the right ones? Don’t worry. The XR Intelligence meetings service is more than just an event guide. It’s a comprehensive meeting service, allowing you to find old friends (trust us, there will be some in the room) and new ones.

Interactive workshops and roundtables

Mix it up in the conference room and get your most pressing queries answered with this year’s interactive sessions and live polls. Journey from room to room meeting with likeminded individuals and engaging in lively debate. Then arrange follow up meetings with your new collaborators.

The XR Immersive Enterprise networking party

There’s no better place to connect with old and new peers than at the official Networking Party taking place at the end of Day 1 (May 5) – where attendees let their hair down and relax with great conversation, food and drink.

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95% of our attendees say they will likely return next year

95% of 2019 attendees would recommend us to a colleague

100% of our 2019 sponsors gave us an outstanding net promoter score

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Top speakers, attendees, agenda highlights, event information and exclusive networking opportunities.

Highlights for 2020

  1. *Brand New* Breakout sessions designed for your industry. Deep dive into your specifics organization’s challenges, interests and objectives
  2. *Brand New* Collaborative roundtable discussions focused on your specific role and providing information relevant to how far you have progressed with implementing XR into your business
  3. Try out the latest immersive technology, solutions and experiences. Get up close and personal with the latest VR/AR/MR hardware and content positioned specifically for business use
  4. The best case studies, panels and experiences covering everything you need to know about how VR, AR and MR are revolutionizing business. From the most innovative newcomers, to the most established veterans, the agenda's built to be interactive and informative
  5. Top speakers from major brands across enterprise, tech and beyond, who are leading the charge and will guide your immersive strategy

Network with XR pioneers from across enterprise and tech...

The XR Intelligence events are flooded with real decision makers from all areas of the immersive tech ecosystem. There are no other conferences where you can network with the level of senior executives we attract from across multiple industries.

Based on who we've had at the events in the US and Europe to date here’s what we expect the make-up of the Immersive Enterprise event in Boston to be.

Seniority of Attendees: C-level - 23%; VP/Director - 45%; Manager – 18%; Other - 14%
Who’s in the Room: Immersive Technology & Content Providers – 38%; Enterprise End-Users – 46%; Investors, Academics, Analysts, Press – 16%

How can I register?

Your ticket includes:

  1. Access to all conference sessions on both days
  2. Access to 20+ exhibiting companies, live demos and tech showcases
  3. Excellent breakfast, lunch, refreshments and drinks
  4. Networking drinks following Day 1
  5. Be part of the social wave; Twitter, LinkedIn, press and live discussion
  6. Over 20 case study presentations from 50+ decision makers and thought-leaders spanning more than 10 industry verticals
  7. Interactive roundtables, panel discussions, seminars and workshops
  8. Login to the Brella event networking app, to schedule 1:1 meetings and more
  9. Access to the speaker presentations following the event
  10. Full audio recordings of the conference

Exhibition Floor / Start-up Experience

We know that XR Immersive Enterprise has some attractive networking opportunities for startups and large organizations alike, so we have a lower cost startup pass for $999 (less if you apply early) as well as preferential booth options. Find out more here.

Pay with credit card

Just go through the registration process by hitting the button. If you own a discount code you’ll be able to use this in the course of the registration process.

Pay via invoice and bank transfer

Just go through the registration process by hitting the button. If you own a discount code you’ll be able to use this in the course of the registration process. Our accounts team will send you your invoice. If you have any queries please email Accounts Receivable at

Group Arrangements

The more the merrier. If you’re considering joining XR Immersive Enterprise with a group of 2 or more or to bring several clients, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kathryn at for our attractive group offers.


Want to know more?

If you've a question left unanswered, or would like to know more information, get in touch with me using the below contact details;

Kathryn Bloxham

Kathryn Bloxham

Events Director & Head of Innovation
XR Intelligence by Reuters Events

UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7567


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