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XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 May 5-6, 2020|Boston, USA

The Future is Immersive
Empower · Learn · Scale

How virtual, augmented & mixed reality are transforming
training, operations, design, customer service and marketing across industry

You've seen the benefits XR can bring. It’s time to take the next step.

Immersive technologies serve as unique tools to upskill employees, drive enhanced performance and delight customers across global enterprises. Where XR has been tried, tested and adopted, companies are moving in leaps and bounds toward heightened training and retention, faster operational times, accurate and seamless design flows and impressive brand benefits.  

Yet where budget is an issue or management aren’t yet convinced, innovation leaders need to find potential case studies, discover the right solution, provide metrics to track success and show how XR will improve their business outcomes.

This is why XR Immersive Enterprise is the only place bringing together 300+ experts from across enterprise and tech to set the bar for the future of XR. Discover the strategies to deliver an effective rollout, no matter what stage you’re at, the business application or industry vertical you work in. Learn how to simplify processes, prove the ROI, foster trust among partners and peers, inspire, motivate and deliver impact for your management and secure a successful immersive future. This event is moving beyond the vision and will give you the power to make change now.

We’ve seen what XR is capable of, and it will only get better. Now is the time to drill down and make it happen.

“A lot of insight, great value to compare how we are doing as company. Met a lot of people that we have booked meetings with.”

Anjin Forsell Dahlhöjd, Solution Leader, Visualization and Emerging Technologies, Volvo Group

Just released: 2020 speakers

The XR Immersive Enterprise agenda is filled with enterprise end-users who are working on integrating virtual and augmented/mixed reality technologies across their organizations. Get front-line insight on how they’re overcoming challenges and bringing enterprise-wide transformation using XR to drive real business benefits. Check out the early confirmed speakers here

Amanda Clarida

Amanda Clarida

Manager, Learning Design and Development

John Cogliandro

John Cogliandro

Corporate Strategist, IP Technology Roadmaps

Melanie Crowsey
Thomson Reuters

Melanie Crowsey

Head of Studio

Szczepan Baran

Szczepan Baran

Head of Emerging Technologies

Chris Koomen

Chris Koomen

Virtual Reality Consultant, IT Test Center

Earl F. Sison
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Earl F. Sison

Sr. Designer, Digital VR & AR Development

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An agenda specifically designed for your industry and your role

Deep dive case studies, roundtables and discussions around the most important applications, business areas and industries for XR.

Relevant Industries for
XR Transformation:



Oil & Gas








Financial Services






Application Areas
& Business Units:




Health & Safety

Design & Product



Customer Service


Corporate Services

IT & Security


Key topics that will help transform your business

  • XR For Enterprise Market Update: Where Are the Opportunities?
  • What Are the Major Adoption Challenges and How Are Companies Tackling Them?
  • What Are the Different Ways to Measure and Prove ROI?
  • What Security and Sustainability Measures Need to Be Considered For XR?
  • Change Management Techniques and Getting Over Social Anxiety Around XR

Pre-order the full event brochure

Who you’ll see there * Agenda summary * Exclusive discount code

5 reasons to attend


*Brand New* Breakout sessions designed for your industry deep dive into your specifics organization’s challenges, interests and objectives


*Brand New* Collaborative roundtable discussions focused on your specific role and providing information relevant to how far you have progressed with implementing XR into your business


Try out the latest immersive technology, solutions and experiences. Get up close and personal with the latest VR/AR/MR hardware and content positioned specifically for business use


The best case studies, panels and experiences covering everything you need to know about how VR, AR and MR are revolutionizing business. From the most innovative newcomers, to the most established veterans, the agenda's built to be interactive and informative


Top speakers from global brands across enterprise, tech and beyond, who are leading the charge and will guide your immersive strategy

Network with XR pioneers from across enterprise and tech...

The XR Intelligence events are flooded with real decision makers from all areas of the immersive tech ecosystem. There are no other conferences where you can network with the level of senior executives we attract from across multiple industries.

Based on who we've had at the events in the US and Europe to date here’s what we expect the make-up of the Immersive Enterprise event in Boston to be.

Seniority of Attendees: C-level - 23%; VP/Director - 45%; Manager – 18%; Other - 14%
Who’s in the Room: Immersive Technology & Content Providers – 38%; Enterprise End-Users – 46%; Investors, Academics, Analysts, Press – 16%

Want to know more?

If you've a question left unanswered, or would like to know more information, get in touch with me using the below contact details;

Kathryn Bloxham

Kathryn Bloxham

Events Director & Head of Innovation
XR Intelligence by Reuters Events

UK Tel: +44 (0)207 375 7567


Pre-order the full event brochure

Who you’ll see there * Agenda summary * Exclusive discount code