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VRX Immersive Enterprise 2019 Conference & Expo May 21-22, 2019|Boston, USA

Unleash the Full Potential of XR in Enterprise
Reduce Costs · Increase Productivity · Improve Outcomes

How virtual, augmented & mixed reality are transforming
training, operations, design and marketing across industry

Bringing world leading VR & AR expert speakers from across industry...

Ross Neumann
Lowe's Companies, Inc.

Ross Neumann

Head of Partnerships, Lowe's Innovation Labs

Athicha Dhanormchitphong

Athicha Dhanormchitphong

Immersive Technology Architect

Audrey Schwartz
State Farm Insurance

Audrey Schwartz

Technology Manager - XR

Connor McCollough
GE Power

Connor McCollough

Product Architect, Innovation & Business Transformation

Rich Rabbitz
Lockheed Martin RMS

Rich Rabbitz

Principal Member of Engineering Staff

Randy Nunez

Randy Nunez

Tech Trend Lead, Extended Reality

Amir Rubin

Amir Rubin


Maria Fernandez Guajardo

Maria Fernandez Guajardo

Head of Enterprise, AR/VR

VRX Immersive Enterprise brings together the brightest minds working on VR/AR deployment across industry...

  • Join hundreds of senior level attendees from across the VR/AR ecosystem to sharpen your immersive strategy and drive seamless deployment
  • Learn from 60+ leading cross-industry speakers with real-world experience of implementing immersive technology for business gain
  • Hear the latest case-studies and insights from companies leading the charge immersive technology development and enterprise deployment
  • Get hands-on with the latest immersive technology, platforms and solutions in our targeted expo running alongside the conference

Benefit from an agenda covering all the main challenges and opportunities arising a new reality dawns for enterprise... 

  • ASSESS THE BIGGEST IMPACTS OF XR: Hear case studies from across industry verticals with deep dive sessions on how it’s revolutionizing training, collaboration, design & marketing
  • OVERCOME BARRIERS TO ADOPTION: Get front line insights on how to navigate the hurdles to incorporating XR technologies into workflows across the business
  • IDENTIFY THE RIGHT USE-CASES: Understand which technologies and platforms suit which purposes. And how to make sure you always pick the right applications for your business
  • DRIVE XR PROJECTS FROM POC TO DEPLOYMENT: Find out how to get applications into practical use once proven
  • FIND THE RIGHT PARTNERS: Who’s going to help you really integrate the technology and address your pain points effectively to drive tangible business gains?
  • AR, VR OR MR? Learn which is right for which applications – and how to make sure you don’t waste time and money finding out
  • GET YOUR PROJECTS TO SCALE: Overcome the challenges of scaling XR in your business. Find out what it takes to get projects from concept to pilot to full-scale deployment
  • PROVE THE BUSINESS CASE AND DEMOSTRATE ROI: Get dozens of examples of where immersive technologies are helping companies improve productivity, drive efficiencies and reduce errors

Capitalize on the XR revolution. Develop your immersive strategy now to steal the march on your competition...

Just like the move to enterprise mobility when smartphones came on the scene, we’re now in the midst of a huge new shift in how companies across industry are using the next wave of frontier technologies to drive tangible business gains. 

Enter the age of immersion. Alongside AI, machine learning and blockchain, the suite of XR technologies and content now coming to market are showing real signs of growth and adoption across enterprise.

With virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies, content & platforms now really gaining traction, industries across the board are seeing the huge benefits XR can bring. The time is right to set a true immersive strategy in place. But there are big challenges to address before the technologies and applications become truly mainstream.

The VRX Immersive Enterprise event is purpose built to provide companies with the tools and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities arising and address the inevitable challenges. 

Bringing together the world’s leading commercial leaders, technology and solution providers and respected analysts & experts, the two days in Boston in May are set to be the best opportunity for those looking to position their business at the forefront of this new platform and technology revolution.

The rise of XR is set to revolutionize the way we work in what’s fast becoming an ever more digitised and connected world. So come along to hear about the latest advances and innovations happening across enterprise and get insight on the real opportunities that are arising as the markets and applications mature.


Who you’ll see there * Agenda summary * Exclusive discount code

5 top reasons why VRX Immersive Enterprise 2019 will deliver for your business...


THE BEST CASE STUDIES, PANELS AND EXPERIENCES covering everything you need to know about how VR, AR & MR are revolutionizing business. From the most innovative newcomers, to the most established veterans, the agenda's built to be interactive and informative


TOP SPEAKERS FROM ENTERPRISE, TECH & BEYOND: The VRX event series has a history of attracting the most senior and relevant speakers and attendees from across industry. In Boston we’re bringing together those really leading the charge from right across industry sectors


LEARN FROM BEYOND YOUR SECTOR: With massive XR innovation happening in Automotive, AEC, Manufacturing, Pharma & Retail we’ll have the biggest names from those industries talking about how they’re embedding the tech into all aspects of their business. Plus we’ll draw on established and emerging applications across multiple other enterprise types and where immersive tech is having big impacts on workflow and business performance



TRY OUT THE LATEST IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGY, SOLUTIONS AND EXPERIENCES: Get up close and personal with the latest VR/AR/MR hardware and content positioned specifically for business use


IN-DEPTH SESSIONS ON EVERY ENTERPRISE APPLICATION: Whether your focus is on using XR for training, design & visualization, workplace collaboration or product marketing, you can attend and learn from the sessions most relevant to your business needs

Network with the real XR leaders from across enterprise & tech... 

The VRX events are flooded with real decision makers from all areas of the immersive tech ecosystem. There are no other conferences where you can network with the level of senior executives we attract from across multiple industries.

Based on who we've had at the VRX events in the US and Europe to date here’s what we expect the make-up of the Immersive Enterprise event in Boston to be.

Seniority of Attendees: C-level - 23%; VP/Director - 45%; Manager – 18%; Other - 14%
Who’s in the Room: Immersive Technology & Content Providers – 38%; Enterprise End-Users – 46%; Investors, Academics, Analysts, Press – 16%

Want to know more?

If you've a question left unanswered, or would like to know more information, get in touch with me using the below contact details;

Pete Carkeek

Pete Carkeek

MD, VR Intelligence and
Lead Organiser, The VRX Series

US Toll-Free: 1800 814 3459 x 7160

International: +44 (0)20 7375 7160



Who you’ll see there * Agenda summary * Exclusive discount code


Who you’ll see there * Agenda summary * Exclusive discount code