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VRX Conference & Expo VRX Conference & Expo December 6-7, 2018|San Francisco, USA

A groundbreaking agenda featuring the globe's most influential
VR & AR leaders…

Please note that this is a very basic draft topic outline for the next VRX event in San Francisco on December 6-7, 2018. We'll be creating a more up-to-date one based on extensive research with the senior level VR & AR global community in the coming months.

If you have suggestions for specific topics or speakers, please email Pete Carkeek on

Day One, December 6, 2018

The age of immersion: A vision of the next 5 years in VR & AR

09:00 - 09:25

Visionary talks and panels from companies and individuals leading the charge in virtual and augmented reality hardware, software and content development

  • VR & AR - where are we now, where are we going and how big can this get? Are we really at the cusp of a new computing revolution?
  • A true picture of the uptake numbers we're seeing across all the major platforms
  • Tracking investment and market consolidation - where's the real money going from VCs and other investors… and why?
  • Core use-cases in enterprise - why VR & AR have the capacity to transform business across industry
  • What are the prevalent business models and monetization opportunities working now - and going forward - for VR & AR content?
  • Surviving and thriving to 2020 - clear strategies and tips to navigate turbulence and an ever changing, ever more competitive environment
  • The socialization of VR - how's this happening, what are the hurdles and who's leading the way?
  • AI and immersive tech convergence: Heralding the 4th industrial revolution
  • The human benefit potential of VR. Can virtual worlds ever really be more meaningful than real life?
  • Is Web VR ultimately the only true vehicle for the mass development and discoverability of VR content?

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Day Two - December 7, 2018

Consumer VR & AR

09:00 - 09:25

With the rapid evolution of VR & AR experiences, the lines are blurring between games and other forms of consumer entertainment. This track will drill down into the impact of VR on gaming and wider entertainment and the massive challenges and opportunities arising as a result.

  • Is VR one of the reasons for the current boom in video games?
  • What makes a truly great VR game? Case study lessons from some of the leading developers
  • How VR will change the face of film and broadcast media over the next decade
  • Democratizing VR & AR content creation. What's the place of the traditional game engines and new platforms and how is VR content development going to play out in the coming years?
  • The power and challenge of truly interactive storytelling in cinema - and what it means for the industry over the coming years
  • Discoverability and distribution models - how do we expect consumers to find and engage with the right VR & AR experiences for them?
  • What VR & AR content is currently being monetized successfully? And who's doing it best?
  • How are the new computing platforms of VR & AR set to transform creation and distribution in the music industry? Will it be as transformative as the rise of the streaming?
  • The impact of VR & AR on sport: How's it going to massively change how fans experience big game events in the next five years
  • Is location-based entertainment the natural first step to experiencing great virtual reality? And how can content creators and brands take advantage?
  • Caution and restraint in VR experience development - what should and what shouldn't we be aiming to expose users to?
  • Understanding the crucial place of audio in creating truly immersive experiences
  • Why VR is not all about the headset: how domes, peripherals and haptics can hugely improve the immersive experience
  • Strategies for increasing diversity and getting talent into game and interactive experience development

Enterprise VR & AR

09:00 - 09:25

Businesses across industry are taking a closer look at how VR & AR can apply to a wide variety of enterprise applications. This track will focus on best user cases so far and what the future may hold for both B2C brands and B2B organisations over the next decade

  • Unlocking the potential of VR & AR to transform how - and where - people work
  • Proving the viability of AR & VR for business use - how to measure success
  • VR and the evolution of design and visualization in high-end manufacturing
  • Addressing the technical hurdles to bring mass enterprise adoption of VR
  • The huge variety of VR & AR use cases in healthcare and medicine
  • The massive impact coming from VR & AR on B2C and B2B marketing
  • The immersive AEC revolution: How VR & AR are changing architecture and construction
  • Virtual reality advertising: what's happening, what's scalable, and what's working?
  • The power of VR & AR to showcase products directly to consumers
  • Using VR for training to reduce cost and improve worker performance
  • Communicating the value and best applications of VR & AR to business leaders across industry
  • Is the education sector a natural home for the most comprehensive VR experiences?
  • The place of VR & AR in arts, culture and heritage -best use cases so far and some of the likely innovations going forward

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Who you'll see there - Program Summary for all tracks - Audience breakdown - Exclusive discount code