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VRX 2016

Put Your Business at the Forefront as Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream

December 7-8, 2016|San Francisco, USA

Our confirmed speakers for VRX 2016

Epic Games

Tim Sweeney


Resolution Games

Tommy Palm



Joel Breton

Vice President, VR Content

SuperData Research

Stephanie Llamas

Head of VR/AR Strategy

CCP Games

Hilmar Pétursson



Roy Taylor

Corporate Vice President | Alliances, Content & VR

Ikrima Elhassan
Kite & Lightning

Ikrima Elhassan


Tipatat Chennavasin
The Venture Reality Fund

Tipatat Chennavasin

Co-founder & General Partner

Rori Duboff
Havas Media Group

Rori Duboff

EVP, Global Head of Strategy

John Riccitiello
Unity Technologies

John Riccitiello


David Alpert
Skybound Entertainment

David Alpert

CEO & Executive Producer of "The Walking Dead"

Resh Sidhu

Resh Sidhu

Creative Director, Virtual Reality

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Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown

Capitalize on the meteoric rise of virtual reality. Lead from the front to create and monetize the best VR experiences through 2017 and beyond…

Only a year or so ago the question for most business leaders talking about virtual reality was simply "what is it and is it just a fad?".

But with massive investment coming from all the major tech juggernauts, media giants, game developers and large-scale enterprises, it’s now clear that it’s no fad - VR’s here to stay and it’s growing massively.

Huge progress is being made on both the display technology and content experiences and it’s set to revolutionize the way we work, play and socialise in what’s fast becoming an ever more digitised and connected world.

So the question for business leaders now is not what virtual reality is, but what are the possibilities it provides and how can it be integrated into their organization.

The VRX event series is purpose built to provide the answers to these questions. Bringing together the world’s leading VR content creators, commercial leaders and respected analysts & experts, the two days in December are set to be the best opportunity for those looking to position their business at the forefront of this new platform revolution.

Featuring * 50+ leading speakers with real-world experience * A full scale VR technology and content expo * 750+ attendees

  • UNDERSTAND THE COMMERCIALS OF VR: Explore the business models that will propel growth in VR and position your business to grow as the market takes off in 2016
  • DISCOVER REAL-WORLD VR APPLICATIONS: See what pioneering studios, agencies and enterprises are doing right now – find out what works and what doesn’t to create compelling, immersive and intuitive experiences
  • TRY OUT THE LATEST VR DEVICES: Get hands on experience with the latest VR headsets, input devices and peripherals
  • EXPERIENCE THE BEST VR CONTENT DEMOS: Try out unreleased VR games and experiences and learn the thought processes behind every stage of development
  • MAKE THE RIGHT PARTNERSHIPS: Find out who the fastest growing and most innovative players that will allow you to grow are – they’ll all be in attendance… from start-ups and independents to global juggernauts

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown


Top reasons why you can't afford to miss VRX 2016

  • THE BEST CASE STUDIES, PANELS AND EXPERIENCES covering everything you need to know about VR, from the most innovative newcomers, to the most established veterans, the agenda's built to be interactive and informative
  • LEARN FROM BEYOND YOUR SECTOR with a strong focus on the massive innovation being generated within the games industry, VRX also draws on established and emerging uses in film, sports, broadcast media and brand marketing
  • VR TECHNOLOGY EXPO giving you hands on experience with the latest VR and AR hardware and content
  • BRAND AND AGENCY INSIGHT – whether your focus is purely on games or other VR content for brand engagement and development, you can attend and learn from the talks most relevant to your business needs
  • FOLLOW THE MONEY... learn from the companies creating form, and investing in, virtual reality today – all our speakers and exhibitors are putting money into VR right now, gain from their investment and experience and fastrack your business growth

An exclusive gathering of the most pioneering VR executives

There is no other conference where you can network with this level of senior executives from across the VR spectrum. Here's the make-up of the audiences we've had at the VRX events in November 2015 in San Francisco and May 2016 in London so you can see the type and caliber of executives we attract.

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown

Like to know more?

If you've a question left unanswered, or would like to know more information, get in touch with me using the below contact details;

Pete Carkeek

Pete Carkeek

MD, VR Intelligence and
Lead Organiser, The VRX Series

US Toll-Free: 1800 814 3459 x 7160

International: +44 (0)20 7375 7160


Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown

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